Item details is the official site for the on line sale of Kappa, Robe di Kappa, Jesus Jeans, Superga and K-way clothing. The title-holder of the Kappa and Robe di Kappa is the BasicNet Group s.p.a (, a company quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange.
As in any other shop, it will be possible to choose and immediately buy an article, without the need of waiting for a confirmation regarding the availability of sizes, colours and sex. The buyer, thanks to a particular software specially created and owned by the company, can directly access all the "shelves" of this huge Virtual Warehouse, with the certainty of having available all the products which are visible. After each purchase, in any moment and from any Country in the world, the goods in stock are updated automatically in real time, eliminating any risk of unavailability of goods.
The fundamental service offered to the client, is the possibility of verifying with a simple link if the purchased goods are still in the warehouse, have been shipped or are arriving at the destination address. Delivery is guaranteed to take place in 48/72 hours thanks to the best international couriers.
The site has an english and italian version. Delivery exclusively in the E.U. Free delivery in Italy.
But this isn’t all. also offers for free a special packaging and free personalization of some jerseys with any name and number. accepts payments with all the major credit cards and with the Mark System only for Italy.


In the 1950s the Maglificio Calzificio Torinese (MCT), already a leading manufacturer of socks and underwear in Italy, created Kappa, a sub-brand of the Aquila brand, as a result of a production problem that had caused a loss in sales.
The crisis spurred MCT to launch a renewed and improved product line which would be tagged K - Kontrollen in an attempt to achieve new credibility with regard to quality.
Sales boomed and in the seasons to come, market demand for garments with the K kept growing.
This was the mid-1950s, and Kappa had become a consolidated brand, in Italy the undisputed leader in the socks and underwear sector.
1969 saw the textile industry hit by recession, in a period marked by social change.
MCT’s response was to diversify production.
The students’ movement had introduced the concept of casual wear, and MCT management decided to start up production of outerwear, based on the success of the firm’s best-selling brand. Robe di Kappa was born.
Our renowned Omini logo also dates back to 1969 when, during a photo session for the Beatrix bathing suits (another MCT brand) catalogue, photographers realized they had come up with more than just a pretty picture. It was a shot of a young man and woman, both naked and sitting back to back, their outlines traced by back lighting.
The shot was not used in the catalogue.
Instead, it became the new Robe di Kappa logo.
In the late 1970 MCT made the move into sportswear and technical sports gear.
The new division inherited the original Kappa brand and would feature the Omini logo, which by now had become a recognized symbol of quality and style.

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