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Welcome to UKPhoneShop, a privately owned company that takes great pride in its growing reputation for superb customer service. Any visitor to our head office can see the signs on the walls - "Customers make pay days possible", or as the boss likes to stress "The customer is king."

Our independent status means we do not favour one particular network provider over another. We simply provide as many great offerings as we can and provide our customers freedom of choice.

The UKPhoneShop website is completely secure for you to shop on safely, achieved through various technologies some of which are even utilised by the government.

UKPhoneShop connects both
prepay and contract mobile phones to every UK network, and by not having high street levels of overhead our prices are unbeatable. All in stock phones are usually delivered by the next working day via Royal Mail special delivery, why pay high street prices?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have that are not addressed in our
FAQ section and thank you for any custom you might give us.

The UKPhoneShop Team.

Using your mobile phone abroad

When you go abroad on holiday or on business most mobile phone users take their phone with them. They are by far the best and easiest way to stay in touch with your family, friends and business contacts. Vodafone, 02, "3" Three (hutchinson 3G) Orange and T-Mobile all have what are called International Roaming agreements with networks around the world.

It is important before you go abroad that you check with your mobile phone service provider that you are allowed by them to use your phone abroad. Do this in plenty of time because it could take 2/3 weeks to be set up and you cannot do this from outside the UK

  • Depending upon the type and age of your mobile phone it is possible that it will not work in some countries again check with your network service provider before you go.
  • It would be very wise to ask for a complete list of the cost of the calls in different counties and to check if you can pay a fixed fee that would reduce the costs of these calls. Normally this can be done on a monthly basis and it is very good value for money.
  • If you are visiting just one country it would be worth your while to consider buying an alternative sim card when you land in the country. Often the cost of the calls would be cheaper because you would be using that county’s own network. You would just top up this simcard as you would a pay as you go/prepay phone in the UK. Check if these sim cards expire after a certain duration of time
  • Another alternative to using a mobile phone abroad is to consider hiring one when you arrive at your destination. At most international airports this hiring facility is available, this would guarantee that you had a compatable phone for that particular country’s network.
  • If coverage would be critical to you you should check before you depart with your mobile phone service provider which networks they have agreements with, depending upon your destination they may be able to give you a choice.
  • If you use a pay as you go/ pre-pay mobile phone you should top up your phone before you leave the UK because you may not be able to buy top ups easily for your network abroad.
  • It is a good idea to make sure you understand the international code that you have to use when dialling home to the UK and make sure you have important numbers stored in your phone.
  • In the unfortunate event that you should loose your mobile phone or have it stolen whilst you are abroad make sure that you have a record of your phones details including it's I.M.E.I number and make sure that you have your mobile service providers phone number so as you can call them immediately you are aware of any problem in order that you can instruct them to cancel the service.

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