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5,000 years TCM, the greatest medicine in the world

You know that Western Medicine is the best solution for acute conditions. However, for treatment of chronic conditions, most modern people are preferring green and safe medicine and this tendency is becoming more and more prominent. Western medicine, which is based upon chemical materials and its side effects are sometimes stronger than the therapeutic roles, could not meet the demands of this new tendency. While traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based upon natural plants, and its comprehensive and flexible treatment strategies always bring about fantastic treatment result. So more and more people in the world are interested in TCM, and TCM is becoming a major medical stream in the world. It is our special honor to share this great medicine with you and other friends over the world!

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) International Service Complex is located in Huaihua city, Hunan province, in Mid-South China. It includes a medical college, TCM bookstore, TCM hospital, acupuncture center, herbal manufacturer, herbal scientific research center, TCM herbal drugstore, TCM export company and an information service. is also the most comprehensive and informative website of traditional Chinese medicine in the world. TCM China International has been offering faithful services for thousands of international readers, students, doctors, patients, wholesalers and other clients annually during the recent 7 years. We are working to promote the globalization and modernization of TCM all over the world here. And we are pleased to see the quick flourishing of TCM over the world.

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