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The Book Depository was founded in 2004 with the aim of making "All books available to All" through pioneering supply chain initiatives, republishing and digitizing of content. It is a continuing project, still in its infancy and one of the most ambitious ventures in the Book Industry.
All books available to All
Currently The Book Depository is able to ship 1.3 million unique titles at keen prices from our fulfillment centre in Gloucester, United Kingdom (within 48 hours) and this figure grows and grows everyday. Apart from publishers, distributors and wholesalers we even list and supply books from other retailers! Amazingly we are also able to arrange the reprint of over 300,000 out of print titles which again we can dispatch from Gloucester within 48 hours. The Book Depository is an international bookseller with our US network being developed and growing all of the time. At present we are able to ship 700,000 US books from 8 fulfillment centers across America, and will soon be able to ship from Germany. To ensure our ambitions can be achieved, our state of the art eTrading Technology is being developed as a Multi-Agent research project at The University of Bath and is part funded through the Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)*.
Internet & E-Commerce Solutions
The technology we have developed for our own trading systems is available to other distribution channels. Please click here for further information.
Free Worldwide Delivery
By working with various world postal authorities and other carriers, we are pleased to offer free shipping to Western Europe, North America and some other countries. We are looking at ways to add more countries in the future.
How is it going?
The Book Depository is the fastest growing book distributor in Europe, shipping to thousands of customer's everyday throughout the world. We have over a million customers currently and a reputation for extremely high service levels. A large percentage of our customers are very loyal, placing orders with us time and time again.
The Book Depository and Amazon - Why do we link to
We are not in competition with Amazon, we complement Amazon by providing books which have poor availability and offering good discounts on certain titles which Amazon are unable to. On the other hand, we recognize that our customers want books quickly and so if we do not have stock or if Amazon is considerably cheaper, our customers are able to order direct from Amazon via a link from our website. Our aim is to make "All books available to All" and we know you have the choice, so we make it as easy as possible for you to order and obtain books quickly and efficiently; we hope to give you visibility of other bookseller's availability and prices in the future. Also you will find our catalogue reciprocated on Amazon in the UK, Europe and the United States.
The Long Tail - Why are we making as many books available as possible?
Of the 30 Million titles ever printed in the English Language only about 2.2 million are in print. We are seeking to make as many titles as possible available and by also making foreign language titles available, we will have the largest breadth of titles available in the world. Where books are no longer in print or poorly available we are seeking to make them available again by republishing, we do this through 2 Imprints called Dodo Press and Asio Press.
Dodo Press and Asio Press
We have an ambitious publishing programme planned, to reissue and digitize out of print books that are in the public domain. At present we are publishing 50 new titles every week and hope to increase this to 400 per week over the next few months - this means we will be allowing book-lovers to be able to obtain 20,000 titles a year that previously they could simply not get.
Publishers and Distributors
As our main aim is to list as many books as possible, we are very keen to talk to publishers and distributors about supply arrangements. We are currently working hard to integrate with distributors and larger publishers and are also developing ideas on how to work with smaller publishers. Publishers and Distributors wishing to add books to our catalogue should contact Ian Ramsden-Morris,
Key People

Our CEO and Founder, Andrew Crawford was part of the start-up team at Bookpages which was then the fastest growing online bookseller in Europe. When Amazon purchased Bookpages in 1998, Andrew helped to build Amazon's logistics throughout Europe. After consulting on supply chain complexity, Andrew then created The Book Depository in order to achieve his personal ambition of making as many books as widely available as possible.

Our Development Director is Ian Ramsden-Morris. Formerly Head of Buying and Marketing at Hammicks Bookshops, Ian moved into e-commerce in 2000 and became Managing Director of Bookplace Ltd in 2003. After selling the company to Foyles of Charing Cross Road, Ian joined The Book Depository team in 2006.

Managing Editor is Mark Thwaite. After spending five years with, Mark founded the acclaimed literary website His writing has appeared in many journals including the TLS, Context and PN Review. He can be contacted via

Stuart Felton, who is not from the book industry is our Managing Director. Stuart has had 15 years commercial experience in FMCG and in the Automotive arena. He has an Engineering and Industrial Management degree from The University of Liverpool.

Our CTO is Emad El Deen El Akehal, originally from Egypt, who has a MSc in Information Technology from The IT University of Copenhagen. Emad has worked throughout Europe and the Middle East. He is currently leading the PhD research project into Multiagent e-Trading at The University of Bath.

Jon Smith is the Managing Director of Espressio Ltd. Jon was part of the start-up team at and went on to sell sportswear, flowers and toys via the internet. He has now returned full circle to working with books. Jon is a successfully published author and an experienced small-press publisher.

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