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Game fun is our motivation...

...because we, Bigpoint GmbH, develop and operate browser-based online games (browser games) - all bundled together with 23.291.220 registrations on the biggest registered Online Game Portal in Germany:

Browser games are complex, long running, multiple player games, which are played directly in a browser without downloads or installation of additional software. And this in a quality, that until now was reserved for PC and console games.

The games are installed on the Bigpoint server farm and can be played from anywhere in the world. The player simply logs in and is immediately connected to thousands of other players, right in the middle of the action.

In this way anyone can play with or against anyone, from anywhere on any PC.

Browser games: From a niche existence to a mass phenomenon
As the worldwide leading provider and pioneer in the market segment browser-based online games (browser games), we make the impossible possible: it is our vision to develop online games which are played exclusively in a browser window (in other words, without any download or installation from a CD) -- and in a quality which until now was limited to full priced game titles.

Through the application of new technologies, we are able to realize new game concepts which contain graphics at the level of console games but are nevertheless playable without downloading.

ActionLeague: SoccerActionLeague: Hockey

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The recent award as one of the 100 most innovative companies in Europe by the technology magazine Red Herring (Red Herring Award 2007), the double award for two
Bigpoint games (XBlaster and Seafight) with the German Game Developer Award 2006 as "Best German Browser Game"as well as the award for the games portal in the category Web 2.0 by the Innovation Awards 2007 from the Medium-sized Business Initiative confirm our success.

Since its foundation, Bigpoint has grown continuously: with more than 100 employees, a portfolio with over 20 games, and the manifold increase of sales last year alone, we are on a national and international course of expansion.

Action and rich graphics in the browser
The magazine "PC Action" summed it up on September 26, 2006 after being introduced to the browser game "ActionLeague":

"Up until now we only knew browser games as text based mini games with a minimum of graphics. If it goes according to the will of the developer, this will change drastically."

And it has changed drastically.

Because our goal was and still is:
To expand on the existing principle of strategic games and to provide them with intuitively controllable action elements -- in this way it is possible to create game concepts with impressive graphics and a high fun factor.

Our challenge:
How can we reach this goal without the user having to download software or graphic packages --
so that he can play exclusively online?

The Bigpoint solution:
Thanks to the application of new technologies and the resulting development of innovative game engines, the impossible has already been made possible -- games such as ActionLeague are no longer confined to consoles but are now available to be played online.

Today we possess not only the highest quality products, but also
the largest portfolio of browser games.

2006: Darkorbit2004: Soccer manager

All games under one roof:
Our diversified portfolio was combined in 2006 under is considered as a Web 2.0 game portal and is home to a community of millions of gamers.

Anybody can play from anywhere with anyone on any PC
In particular, the extreme flexibility makes the browser games so special (they can be accessed from any PC via URL, the games can be updated "on-the-fly" just like a website, the user has, if any, flexible and transparent costs). A growth market in which the stockholders of Bigpoint GmbH -- the United Internet AG, the European Founders Fund of the Samwer brothers, as well as the Aurelia Private Equity -- invest.

From Hamburg out into the world
Bigpoint GmbH is also in an excellent position internationally: The game portal has already been translated into the most important languages and the most popular games are being played by communities around the world. In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg, we are also represented by an office in New York. Our browser games develop new game communities all over the world, and Hamburg is evolving into a center of international expansion.

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