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Beatport is the recognized leader of electronic music downloads by DJs and fans alike delivering content in premium-encoded formats that match the professional performance quality standards of the world's leading sound systems. allows users to access the world of club music through secure, legal, hi-speed, high quality downloads in MP3, MP4 and WAV formats on a pay per download basis from an impressive library of the world's leading independent labels.

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Music. Technology. Culture. Design. Beatport is the most relevant online source of electronic music in the world.


The first version of Beatport launched in January 2004 with 79 record labels on board. By mid 2004, Beatport started to gain recognition collaborating with some of the top DJs and technology companies in the business such as Native Instruments in Berlin and world-renowned dance artists, Bad Boy Bill, John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin.

With the re-vision of the site January 2005, the momentum of Beatport's achievements picked up speed. Beatport 2.0 soon became the recognized global leader in Independent dance music, building a catalog over 100,000 tracks supplied by 2,700 signed labels.

With the third re-launch, Beatport 3.0 displays significant improvements to the site. Adding to the already impressive list of features, 3.0 includes a more robust search engine, 'My Beatport', 'Users Also Bought' 'Customized weekly emails' 'Enhanced Top 10 lists' and 'Email to a Friend.'

To help with music discovery, Beatport launched a corresponding community site,, on May 28, 2007. Beatportal is a result of Beatport's goal to be the most relevant online resource for electronic music. The vision for Beatportal is to provide music lovers with up-to-date information about the world of electronic music. This site offers access to music news, industry news, music reviews, Podcasts, videos, DJ profiles, event listings, nightclubs, and much more. Beatport's main office is located in Denver Colorado with satellite offices in New York and Berlin

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