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Established in 1996, CD Universe is a leading Internet retailer specializing in the sale of domestic and imported music CDs and Imports, movies and video games to customers all over the world. We offer everyday low prices and a selection of product that is unmatched.

CD Universe has been honored for their exemplary customer service and satisfaction year after year receiving awards such as the Bizrate Circle of Excellence in addition to top customer ratings on Yahoo Shopping,, and many more.

If this is your first time here, give us a try. Here are a few more reasons why we are one of the best internet retailers in the industry:

Selection & Pricing

Through our vast distribution network, we are able to offer over 500,000 music, movie, and video game titles! We sell CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, UMDs, Video Games, SACDs, DVD-Audio, Cassettes, and much more. The majority of titles are available and usually ready to ship in 1-2 days.

Everyday we analyze our suppliers' price and quantity data, and offer all titles at the lowest possible price given their current availability. We also negotiate low prices from the industry's largest suppliers, keep our costs down, and pass those savings on to you.

We are one of the largest retailers in our industry. Currently ranking #14 in the books/CDs/DVDs category by Internet Retailer Magazine.

Superior Service

We realize that there are many other online companies online you can purchase from. How do we differ? CD Universe is consistently rated among the best in customer satisfaction because we are truly committed to providing top quality service to every customer.

Three time winner for excellent customer service.
Top rated merchant by our customers.
Given to stores which consistently receive positive customer ratings and reviews.

Safe & Secure

We use the latest encryption technology and security procedures to always protect your personal data. We also protect your privacy by not renting or selling your name or personal information to any third parties or by send you unwanted junk email.

Audited daily to protect you from identity theft and credit card fraud by Scan Alert, a third party.
Verified daily for use of an SSL Certificate to secure private information.

CD Universe is privately held and is headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut.

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