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GMP MUSIC IS... Since 1990, GMP Music, Production Music Library offers high quality music production and sound effects with flexible purchasing options including, buy out sync, annual lease, production blanket, needle drop and download, suitable for television, film, radio, corporate video, web sites and any place music libraries or production music are used. GMP library music is used in every type of production world wide. GMP MUSIC is a division of Gene Michael Productions Inc. Formerly known as Gene Michael Productions.

GMP MUSIC has been used in countless TV, Film, Video, Radio, Multimedia, Corporate and Educational productions.

As of December 2006, GMP MUSIC has grown to 204 CD titles ranging from Extreme Rock to the Classics and Sound Effects. The variety of musical styles is notable.

Current music production has GMP MUSIC releasing 20 to 34 CDs per year.

We offer standard CD & Web Based Download in MP3, .wav & .aif computer formats.

Most CDs contain Full length themes, suitable for foreground and are the fullest arrangements, alternate mixes ( alt mix ) usually have the lead instrument removed or lowered to allow for easier use with voice over. Broadcast lengths of pre-edited :60, :30, :15 and tag lengths are often created from both the theme version & the alt version for maximum usability.

We are well known for offering a buy it the way you like it philosophy, including: Buy Out Synchronization, Lease, Needle Drop, Down load & Production Blanket.

Custom Music Creation, Score to Picture, Sound Design, Voice Over, General Studio Services, CD Duplication, Graphic Arts Department.

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